In-Context integration doesn't pick up changes

Hello, I’m having a simple website, and I’ve integrated it with Crowdin.

So far all worked well, but a day ago I’ve experienced an issue or something like that. New translations don’t pick up by the system. Also, some pages on my website that should be translated in Crowdin don’t display as translated on the website. Often, it’s titles or headings.

Anyone can shed some light on this? Maybe someone faced such issues?


A most possible reason is rare project build. It’d be better if you build a project (all languages, target, and pseudo language for In-Context integration) at least twice a week.

For the stings not picked up, check project settings (export parameters). I guess you have skip untranslated strings or files enabled, it’s the most common reason why something is skipped.

Hope it would help :slightly_smiling_face:

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It was related to skipping untranslated files :sweat:

Just played around a little - your comment was very helpful, now everything is :metal::metal::metal: