In-context editor pop-up not verticaly resizable


After using the in-context editor for a couple of days translating to French, it has become annoying to not being able to resize its window vertically, sometimes impeding to view even the first suggestion in its entirety.

Hope this can be easily fixed


Сan you make a video of that? Can’t imagine this :sweat_smile: You’re turning you display into tablet view (vertical)?

Here is a capture showing the cursor only allowing horizontal resizing.
This is the only possibility I’m given, wherever I place the pointer in the corner.
Cursor doesn’t switch to vertical resize wherever I put the cursor above the dialog lower edge.

Interesting thing. Will try to check from my side, never faced this before to be honest. Probably I could re-produce it and find what’s the point, is it expected or not.

Just tested - yes, you’re right, but it’s very uncommon use case. Never seen such reports here in community before. Also my team never reported this. Probably you’ll need to add this as a feature request Feature requests and ideas | Crowdin

Maybe users just silently resigned to scroll on every string to see suggestions…
Anyway, opened a feature request as suggested.

Thanks in advance for consideration


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