Ignore typescript / javascript import statments

Crowdin picking up the string in the import statement (…/…/types) and showing it in the translation, I want to hide it or ignore it, how can I do this?

import type { BaseTranslation } from "../../types";

const common: BaseTranslation = {
  SOMETHINGN_WENT_WRONG: "Ops, looks like something went wrong",

export default common;

Hi @MajorAmari !

You are welcome to hide the strings directly via the Sources tab as described in this article:

As a result, hidden strings will not be available for translation :slight_smile:

Thanks for replying!

This looks promising but, I wanted to automate this is there anyway to automate it?

It appears that automatically hiding a string might not be feasible. However, as a workaround, you could employ a processor to substitute it with something less easily translatable, such as a space