I18next not exporting plurals to XML target bundle

Hello, our XML target bundles are missing plural translations when the source file is i18next.

Source language is English-US. Our target languages are English, Japanese, and Chinese.
We have added plurals using Crowdin’s UI with two forms to our i18next source file.

  • “one”: %d follower and “other”: %d followers

When we export an Android XML target bundle, the English target language is correct with both forms. But, the Japanese and Chinese have the key, but not the translation.

  • <string name="follower_count"></string>

Exporting i18next to a .stringsdict target bundle works correctly and all three target languages get the translations.

This behaviour seems like a bug to me, but help is appreciated.

Can you share the project name with me? I’d like to check from my side.

Thanks, it’s a private project called “Peatix native App” . The file is “test_i18next.json”

Hello @Aglymph

I’ve checked from my side, and I can confirm that for some reason plurals become unavailable for the Android XML Bundle. Thank you very much for reporting this.

Our product development team decided to add this fix as a subtask to the fundamental Bundle-improvement task. It may take up to 2 months.

As a right-now solution, you can generate needed .XML using the Custom Bundle Builder:

Ok, we can work around it. Thanks for the update.

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