I should be able to approve/disapprove strings in Translation mode

I should be able to approve/disapprove strings in Translation mode, because translators usually link proofreader here and he is unable to do quick approve/disapprove action on particular string. If i am correct.

If’s it’s Crowdin com than in editor settings (wheel button, top right corner there’s an auto approve option)

If Enterprise, that all is done due to workflow, and if you are not proofreader, you cant do that.

I am unsure how auto approve

Auto-approve – if enabled, the translations added by proofreaders or members with higher permissions are automatically approved.

relate to mine described issue. I was told i should not approve my strings and I am using Enterprise.

Auto approve is activated in Editor settings, but if you told you shouldn’t do this, that don’t do this.

Issue still there. The person who replied there just wasted space in this thread talking about some apparently unrelated feature.

In translation workflow step you can’t disapprove translations. This is how system works. Only maybe if you’re the admin or manager, but I’m not sure. This is different to crowdin com, so some things works not in the way you used to.

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