I don't get translations to my app using Android SDK from Crowdin

Hi there,

I set up Android SDK, then translate the content and click on the release button, however I still don’t get any translation. Can anyone suggest how to make it work? Am I missing something?


@Florian2000 I’ve made it works wiith these steps:

  1. Translate the content, and click on the release “button”
  2. There could be some CDN delays thus it’s necessary to wait at least 15-60 mins (I found it in their KB:Android SDK | Crowdin Documentation), an hour is even better
  3. Change the language device to your target (if you have language switcher directly in the app - change language using switcher)
  4. Then totally close app (even remove from the phone cache) and run again

Re-creating hash also helps, but this probably is not the best way out😊


thanks for the info…FE