I change source language but it don't work

When I changed the source language in the settings, nothing changed. When translated into other languages, the old language is still shown as the source. What could I have missed? How to make the source show a new language

It’s a trick one. You need to change source files after that, if change is major, like from Chinese to German. This switcher was designed mainly for small changes, like from EN-EN to EN-US or so.

You need to delete source file or change it. Switcher will not change the text inside source files. If it was German, it will not become CHinese.

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Thank you, GregoryLanncved! It works

You will also need to update the TM, because it has old language as sources. Just create an empty TM, then download your used TM into computer, play around with language collumns, and upload it into the New TM with needed collumns selected as sources or as translations.