Hygraph Integration only pulling the first 10 results of each model type

Has anyone had success with integrating Crowdin and Hygraph?

We’ve tried reinstalling many times but Crowdin will only pull the first 10 results for each type of content we have.

That 10 limit is also the default GraphQL query limit so I’m wondering if the queries they use need a limit:100 or something similar.

Thanks for reading!

Hi @avanness ! Do you mean that not all pages are displayed in the integration from the Crowdin side?

Only the first 10 from the Hygraph side are showing for each type of Model (Page, Blog Post, etc.)

Dear @avanness ! Let us please consult with our devs on the matter! Once we have any news, we will let you know :relieved:

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Hi @avanness ! Please contact us via support@crowdin.com for further investigation of the appeared issue