How to work with Crowdin MT?

Hi guys. I’m tyring to use a Crowdin MT for reducing the human work and cost of the overall process , but seems it doesn’t work. I’ve clicked on the Pre-translation button multiple times and nothing happened. My source is English, the language I want to pre-translated is French Quebek, files are generic json. Pls help asap.


Hi there. Well, it’s expected, because Crowdin MT doesnt work with regional dialects so far - only some languages are supported/ See the list in the in Resources → MT → Crowdin MT.

As not all European languages ​​are now supported by MT, on my personal experience, with the most popular languages, in 99.99% of cases there should be no problems and the quality of translations is at a high level.

By the way, you can have both original Language + dialect in the project, just pre-translate the original one and dialect will be automatically translated also. I’ve seen sownehere here a link to the topic with that, here’s it