How to update Target Languages via Enterprise API when editing project (PATCH)?

Hi. I’m trying to update target languages via Enterprise API using JavaScript client, but it seems to not be supported in enterprise API, only in community API. Is there a different way to do it?

Hello, @akovtun-extenda we’re working on this possibility right now.

In Enterprise, projects are very workflow-oriented, so updating targets means updating the workflow. This task is in the description stage right now, we’re doing the first research on the matter, so no approximate eta.

I’ve linked this topic with my internal system, also you’re welcome to track news here:

Thank you, @Dima. Is there a way to use community API combined with Enterprise API in the meanwhile?

@akovtun-extenda these are 2 different and stand-alone platforms, some API calls may work for both of them, some only for one or another. In my opinion, the best way would be to stay with one API at the moment of time.

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