How to undo removal of user in the project?

Hey all.

I mistakenly blocked and removed a lot of our users from the project. They don’t show under the member search, even when I filter as “blocked”. Would it be possible to somehow have them returned? Like, maybe there’s something like “undo” button for blocking and removal users or so. Like it is in Activity tab.

Also, even despite this happened, it’s not clear for me why “block user” doesn’t remove this user from the project? What the difference? Is it a temporary removal or so?

@AnnaRockstray there’s no Undo for such type of activity, unfortunately. Just add those users once more (contributors like translator or proofreaders can use 1 shared invitation link, managers already should in your Resources).

Blocked - the user is blocked in the project, and can no longer contribute to this project, but this project (its name) remains visible for this user in “all projects” sections. You can see this user in Members tab by selecting the Blocked filter and easily unlock the member if needed. Once block is removed, user can instantly start working.

Remove from project - the participant is completely removed from the project, there’s need to invite once more.

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A detailed reply, thanks a lot