How to translate some "Hidden Strings"?

Hi all:

There’re some links hidden out of translations, how to make them “visible” and do translations? Because I wanna change the link from the English to the Simplified Chinese one.

I tried to change the translations, but nothing works…

Hidden stings can be translated by manager or proofreader if the one has access to them (activated in project settings).

If you’re manager you can translate them without any hesitation just like normal strings.

My project owner has this setting, but still no works for me:(

So any other clues or guides? I’m a proofreader.

Some formats doesnt allow editing strings. I don’t know what you’re using, but if this is an integration that some stings may be not editable at all. Ask manager or owner to do this. It they can, and you can not, that clear cache \ try another device \ browser etc

Are u sure? I don’t think it suitable if I want to change the link to direct me where I actually want to go in the localized language… Can anyone of you have a look at it to check:

  1. At what senarios the links can be in both “hidden” and “editable”?
  2. Is it a bug?

Hello @MaledongGit

Does manager can edit those strings?

Answering your question:

  1. At what senarios the links can be in both “hidden” and “editable”?

If it’s a UTM mark, or other in-build weblink. Like there’s a picture in an article, and there’s a weblink binded to this article. So this link will be both hidden + uneditabable.

  1. Is it a bug?

I don’t think so, file is imported and downloaded back. If it was a bug, it will not be editable at all, not few strings.

Sorry because of the diff timezone and here’s my late reply:

I tried to start to edit the hidden strings again and suddenly found everything went right and it seemed I could work with that.

Temporarily I don’t have any other questions any more, thanks for your patience.

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Maybe 1 time glitch. Or just some updates, don’t know. Glad to hear all is fine now.