How to transfer project ownership to the new member?

Hello! Could you please tell me how I can transfer ownership of our projects to my colleague? I’m leaving the company and my colleague will take care of the projects from now on


Hi Marie! The most suitable solution here is to share the credentials (password and email) of your account with your colleague who is supposed to be a new account owner. Here is the quick instruction:

  1. Please login to Crowdin and set up a temporary password for your account here:
  2. Then share these credentials(username/password) with your colleague;
  3. nce your colleague manages to successfully log in to your account, he/she should change the email linked with the account to his/her own email; Important thing is to use the unique email that is not registered in Crowdin yet.
  4. Finally, your colleague should receive a confirmation URL on this/her new email and once he/she follows it, the new email address will be linked your the account successfully :slight_smile:
  5. Additionally, the new account owner may change the password/username directly in the account settings as well.

Is there any chance such an approach will work for you?