How to search the words "Active character classes" in openproject project files?

How to search the words “Active character classes” in openproject project files? I can search only files now but can’t search words.

Resolved. use translate all function and search it.

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Also had same case in past. By the way you can search for key itself. Search works pretty nice in Crowdin.

Hi Voldemar,
What is the key you mean in the following codes?

<trans-unit id="499047" resname="root.setting_password_active_rules" approved="yes">
        <source>Active character classes</source>
        <target state="final">激活支付类型</target>
        <note from="Crowdin" priority="2">root -&gt; setting_password_active_rules</note>

“499047” - need to type with “”

Also this one should be taken as context “root.setting_password_active_rules” so maybe also would work