How to restrict access to my public project on Crowdin?

Good evening everyone!

I’ve got a quick question that I’d like to clarify, hope you can help me. So, I’ve signed up for a Free plan on Crowdin, and I know that I can create like 1 private project and unlimited public projects. So, with the private project, I see that I can’t invite anyone to help with translations (which is a bit lonely though :D). But, with the public project, it’s possible to get someone to help me translating my extension.

What I’m cursios about is how other users will see my project and how they can participate, can they ask me whether they’re allowed to join in? For example, I’m a translator for Minecraft project, but I still was required to submit the join request at first. Do I also get such power to approve/disgard requests?

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Hi Mellisa,

What I do know, is that for my Open Source project I get the join requests (at the beginning I’ve enabled the feature about limited access to the languages for translators or smth). But, before I went Open Source, I had a Free plan as well, and I know for sure that feature for sumbiting the join requests are not available on the Free Plan. Basically, other users can start helping you translating with the project right away, and in any case you as the owner can remove or block anyone you don’t like or want, ha-ha :slight_smile: So, in case you fit all requirements - submit the Open Source request to have such a power as a Minecraft (or me) has or just simply manage the users in the Members tab.

Hope I’ve helped a bit!