How to reparse all files

I changed the parser configuration, how can I re-parse all files

By the way, how do I specify which parser to use for .md files, here are two .md parsers:

Hi @Selflocking,

Once the parser configuration is changed these changes would be applied only to the newly uploaded files. In such a case it is needed to re-upload your source files to the project again in order to apply new parser settings.

You can easily migrate all the translations from the old file to the newly uploaded one with preserving translation +approvals + authority in this way:

  • rename your file in Crowdin from for example from to
    (or any other name that you like);
  • upload the again to the project
    (so you will have 2 files in Crowdin - old and new);
  • set the duplicates option “Hide (strict detection)” - due to it, the translations from the old file will migrate to the hidden duplicates in the newly uploaded;
  • after that, when the translations are migrated you can delete the and keep working only on the file

Alternatively, if you are working with branches you can try to do as follows:

  • rename the current branch where the source file is by adding suffix to it for example (branchname_old)
  • upload the the branch to the project again (so now you will have both of them)
  • since the option for duplicates is enabled in the project, all translations will migrate from one branch to the newly uploaded. Wait a bit for the migration and then you may delete the old branch if all is well

As for your second question. These are two different types of MD files. If your files do not contain the YAML Front Matter then you should use the regular MD parser configuration.

You can find the sample of Markdown with YAML Front Matter here Markdown file localization.