How to remove user from all projects?

Hi guys. Our contract with German translators has run out, and as far as they’re a small team and don’t stand as a Vendor, we’ve added them to our projects manually, as translators\proofreaders.

Now we need to remove all of them from our projects, and it seems to be a little bit time-consuming because we have 11 projects right now. Any chance there is a button “remove the user from everywhere” I’ve missed for some reason?

Best, Penelopa


Hi Penelopa,

We use Crowdin Enterprise and there it can be done via Members (left side control panel bar) - just find the needed user and remove it (by deleting its account in your Organization). Do you use the same version?


@CarlaDev Oh no, looks like we’re on the general version and do not see such option here :frowning:

As fas as know in general version only Managers can be removed by 1 click from all projects on your behalf (Resources → Managers → Remove the user).
Contributors like translators or proofreaders should be removed project-by-project.

I think because of some technical stuff logic is different between those two systems. In Enterprise you create an account for 1 organization, so in case you’ll participate as a translator in 2+ organizations, you’ll create 2 different standalone accounts for each one. In Crowdin you can participate in 10 projects and all of them can have a different owner - it creates complexity for adding the same function.

When Enterprise version will be “one and only” version? It’s not hard to migrate all users and old version is a mistake.

Hi Kamil!
Crowdin Enterprise won’t be one and only version, usual Crowdin will remain and it is functional as always :slight_smile: Could you please provide more details on the matter “old version is a mistake”?