How to remove all translation suggestions from a user who has been removed?

I started a public project and someone submitted a bunch of poor quality translation suggestions and now other contributors would like to have that person’s translations removed.

Unfortunately, the first step I took was to remove that person from the project. Now that they’re removed, they don’t show up in the filtering control and, obviously, there’s no entry for them in the Members tab of my project.

Is it still possible to remove all their contributions even though I already removed them as a member?

I only see information on removing translations from current members–but I already removed the person :frowning:

Answering my own question: I was able to find an entry for the removed contributor on the Reports tab, and opening the contributor’s pop-up on that page allowed me to remove their contributions.

Never mind!

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Glad to hear that you’ve found a solution. In public or community-involved projects the most popular workflow is to have an additional Proofread step after Translation, just to make sure you are always receiving reviewed and best quality suggestions.

In case you’d like to find out more about team management in Crowdin, you’re welcome to take a look at this KB section:

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