How to release a new text?

How can I release text adaptations or text additions so that they are also integrated or adopted in the app?

I can no longer find the “Release” button under this link; Crowdin

What is the reason for this?

Hi @jann.demond ,

The CDN usage is not available for Free plans. You are welcome to upgrade to the bigger plan, if you like to use it.

Hope this helps!


We do not need more words at the moment. We just need the option for the App (1 Integration) to release the text to our app. So, is there any other option to get just this opportunity?

@jann.demond ,

Plans are based not only on words but also on features. CDN is not available for the Free plan, thus there is no possibility to use it here, unfortunately. It would be necessary to switch to a plan that includes this feature. You are welcome to check the plans and their features by following the link below:

Hope for your kind understanding!