How to pay for multiple tasks at once

I have a bunch of tasks (about 12) with CrowdIn Language Services ready to go in my To Do on the board

Each one has a separate “pay now” button, but is there somewhere I can pay for all the tasks in one go? I don;t want to have to enter my credit card details, VAT no etc. 12 times.

Is there no “pay for all” button?

Hi @NickMoore,

We can generate the payment link for you to pay for all tasks at once :slight_smile:

Could you please contact us via email ( and share with us the following details?

  • link to the project
  • price for all tasks
  • tasks’ IDs
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@NickMoore ,

Also, just wanted to let you know that we have passed this idea to our developers to make such a button in the UI as well :slight_smile:

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Awesome. Thanks for the info and consideration of the idea.

In my particular case I solved it by closing all the tasks and adding them again and paying when the pay for all option comes up at the time of adding.