How to merge\update Translation memory?

Have a specific question.

My team has 2 TMs. Both of them contains some languages, one has Asian, another one more European. Still, both contains some nice suggestions for each and every language.

I would like to somehow merge them in safe way. I have a tool that divides the TM to source column and 1 language only, so I can sort by “data added” and delete all old suggestions. It reduces the quantity of suggestions, but now columns should be somehow merged. How to do that safe?

Hi Anna

Try this one:

  1. Open the TM that you’ve downloaded recently and remove there the column with the unneeded language (for example German)

  2. Import this file back to TM, so German will be empty

  3. Then take another file, where is only source + German and upload it as “update TM”

  4. In this case, the TM would contain suggestion for all languages as it was in TM 1, but with suggestions from TM 2 for German only

  5. You can use this workflow for all languages you have in TM

Hope this helps. Alternatively, you can do all this stuff outside of system and just upload 1 time fully edited TM (before that make sure all existing languages are clear - removed from tm that exists in Crowdin)