How to make minor copy changes without bothering translators

Hi there,
I have been using Crowdin for a few months, but I still feel like a total n00b because there are so many features I still can’t figure out. So, apologies in advance if my question is obvious.
I have a project which I’ve crowd-sourced for translations.

I like to iterate on the original copy in English to improve the user experience whenever I get a chance. It means I may make minor changes to the source which do not affect the meaning of the copy.

What does the community here suggest as best practice in a case like this. I don’t want to spam and bother the translators every time I make a minor copy change. In many cases, my minor edits or experiments with the tone in English should not affect how it was localized in another language by a translator with different writing skills than mine in their local language (could be better, could be worse).

So, somehow there are cases where I don’t need new translations, but I’d like translators to know that I’ve made copy changes which they can review or ignore. And sometimes I want them to know that I made a real change that matters for the meaning of the application.

Looking forward to your thoughts!

There 2 things that may work in this case, if I get you correct. Anyway, there are the only thing I know that may work.

The first, is the file update option, with keeping existing translation unchanged. Described well here:

Second, upload translation that may match the source:

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