How to inform a vendor about specific stings in Enterprise version?

Hi, I’m trying a new version of Crowdin, the Enterprise one. From the glance, it seems very cool, but some assistance is needed to be honest:)

In Crowdin it was easy to work with vendors because they act just like my in-house guys. In enterprise, I’m not sure how to ping them, or how to inform them about the sting importance or so?

Any advice would be appreciated


It is not possible to tag vendor in comment, since they are not in your organization. It is possible to tag only people within your organization.

Enterprise works differently, everything is related to workflows, and vendor has its own organization, and as result own project which mirrors project of yours.

You may try leaving a comment to the string, the option “Share comment” as turned on. In this case, vendor would receive sting with the comment from you. Also some confirmation things like screenshot and content information sounds good for me. Maybe labels as well.

With all this staff, vendors can filter the stings, and see which one are commented, which one have screenshots and so on

Thanks for a tip! I guess i’ll just add some context from my side and maybe a few shared comments.

You rock man!