How to get the combined TM from all my projects?

Hello, we have 2 separete projects and now wish to grab our split projects into 1 big (to use duplicates and management features that will help us to reduce costs). But what I can do with my TM’s? I wish all them to become 1 big TM that will contain the records from all my projects. How to achieve that? Thanks.


Hi there, you can refer to this application Translation Memory Generator – crowdin-apps

With its help you can create 1 big TM that will consist of only the best suggestions, download it into your PC, and when you’ll create a new project just upload it into the created native TM for that project (resources → needed tm → 3 dots button → upload tm).

Wish you a nice week ahead!

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Or you can simply download the TM from one project and re-upload it to another :slight_smile: