How to get know if the new translations were added to the file?

Good evening!

We have few files in the project and periodically check if there are any changes there so then we could export those files and new translations could be dispayed to our users. We track changes in the activity tab but that’s a bit tricky especially when more and more files are added. Do you know any better way to organize the work to track changes easier?



Sure, you can use the Etag header which helps to track whether file had changes from the previous build, here is a explanation step by step:

  1. Run Build Project File request.;
  2. After file is exported, you receive the file itself and ETag in response header.
  3. Keep file and File Etag on your side.
  4. Next time when you run the same request with this file specify as If-None-Match request header.
  5. If there were no new translations added for the file after it was downloaded, you receive response 304 (Not Modified), so it means you can skip this file build and download.
  6. If there were new translations added, you receive 200 (OK) response, so it means the file should be built and downloaded because it contains new translations.