How to download the source files for each language efficiently?

Didn’t find an efficient way to download all the source files for one language in a single click. Any advice? Thanks.

If you need all translation for 1 language, you can use CLI, with this command:

crowdin download -l de — where de is code of German

If you need to download the source files, you can use this command:

Thanks Dima.

Can this be done via clicking buttons on the web page instead of inputting commands?

Translation for all project can be downloaded after build + download (Translation tab).

Source files - only 1 by 1 from Sources (3 bullets near file → download source).

Translation for 1 language from project homepage → go to needed language → download it.

Thanks Dima.

This is just my problem, I want to download all the source files in one language with a single click, instead of downloading the files 1 by 1, especially when there are multiple files in multiple folders.

Hello @george.yao

Right now there’s no possibility to do this via UI, only by API or CLI.

Got it, thanks Dima.