How to display only specific files from repository (in Content and within translation)?

Hi. We have 2 Gitlab integrations (2 stand-alone repositories) in the same project. In all of them, due to android specific plus our preferences, the source files and the translations lay down very deep in the repo.

Translators often are confused because they need to open 14 folders to get into one of the files or go to see all files+all content in the editor, that’s also not good in terms of translation speed for a specific file we need. We have a small team, and creating each time new task is not a solution.

I was wondering if there was a config option that would change the displayed structure in Crowdin from folder/folder/folder/…9 more folders/some file into let’s say /folder1/folder2/some files?

Try using the dest parameter :slightly_smiling_face:

Default config should look approximately like this one:

preserve_hierarchy: true

source: /folder1/** /*.file_extension
dest: /%file_name%.your_extension
translation: /folder1/translations/%two_letters_code%/** /%original_file_name%

Before doing this, it’s better to remove files from a current place in Crowdin Files into the root.

Also once you change the config you need to force synch integration (with pause + resume button).

Preserve_hierarchy: true is required to make dest parameter work.

Dest allows you to specify where exactly the source file should be placed in the Crowdin project (in the sample I’ve shared with you it would be placed inside the root of the project, outside of any branches or folders).