How to disable in context pop up?

Hi there. We added in-context to the main site and now the popup is visible to everyone:

For us it is not ok. We use a single database for production and development environments, so even if you create a separate site exclusively for translations, the in-context will be visible to all translators.
What should we do?


Hi Kyllian,

We had a similar situation. Initially, we used the Additional Language of the website (a special version of the language for in-context only). This language was omitted in the language selection tool on the website, and we added an extra placeholder to the website URL (instead of “website .com” we created "website .com / in-in-in-in-translate ") so that this page can only be opened by those who know the way to it.

In-context will only be connected to this page.

After a year, we created a mirror website, a full copy of our site but with a different URL where translators can do translations as if it were your real site.


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