How to disable global translation memory?

Hello everyone,

I’m trying to disable GTM, but the option is grayed out and enabled. All MTs are disabled. Any suggestions?

Hello @Den,

If you’re using Crowdin Free plan, then you won’t be able to disable this option. Users on a Free plan donate translations to Crowdin’s translation memory - you can find his info on our Pricing page.

Hope this helps!

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You’re right, I got it, thanks! :slight_smile:
Is there any article that explains how GTM works and whether private projects remain safe? If translations are added to the GTM, does it mean that the source texts also go there?

@Den, when this option is enabled, you get access to our Global TM which is based on the previous translations made in other public projects where the same option is enabled.
In exchange, translations made in your project are also synced with the Global TM, so others may use your previous work (if they have the same texts). We never keep information about the company in the global TM, it only keeps the source text and its related translations.

Also, it’s not possible to run the pre-translation via TM using the Global TM, it’s shown in the editor only and can be used by your translators if they see a TM match.

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