How to change Source language of the project on Crowdin?

Hi everyone! I’m a manager in of Open Source project, and I have one questions that I wasn’t able to figure out myself. We had files in the English as the source language, but we need to change it now to French. Is there any option that will allow me to change the source language of the project? I’ve been digging through the project settings, but found none :frowning:

I guess, it is best just to create another project, right?


Hi! I’m also a localization manager, and had the same question before, even asked the Crowdin team if there is such an option, and they told me it is only possible to change the source language of the project on their side only (simply drop them a message) or create another project with the needed source language.

They’ve also mentioned that Crowdin Enterprise has such a feature, but since we do not have the organization on Enteprise, we simply created new projects. Hope it helps and that it won’t be an issue for you :slight_smile: