How to cancel translation job (integration with WPML)

How do I cancel a translation job which I have received through WPML integration.
Deleting translation file does not work.
WPML requires to get “cancel” order from Crowdin.


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Hi John, perhaps by deleting the integration or revoking access token.

Can you provide some details, are you a translations service provider and it’s task requested by your client?

I translate by myself my own web pages with crowdin. I control wordpress (WPML) and Crowdin.
Sometimes some pages do not get translated (change of plans, …) and those files are stuck on WPML as “waiting for Crowdin translation”. WPML does not have option to cancel translation of any pages sent to Crowdin. So I am looking for an option inside Crowdin to cancel specific page from being translated. deleting integration or revoking access token is a way, but looks too much work for a wrong page. Since right after I revoke access token, I have to make a new one to continue with translation between WPML and Crowdin.
It would be good to have option “RESIGN” or “CANCEL JOB” for a SINGLE document within crowdin.

I see there’s no option to do so, if you enable those pages as being synched with Crowdin.

You’re on free plan? As a workaround you can use Machine engine pre translation by Crowdin MT (totally free), so those pages get complete, so as result they don’t be stuck.

Alternatively, I guess you can request some improvement to the integration by this link, I’ll vote for it as well :wink:

I have suggested an improvement.

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