How to backup all the data on Crowdin?

Hi guys! I’ve been wondering if there is an option to backup all the data of my project on Crowdin? I mean the Build&Download feature exports all the translations, which is really great, but I need to export all the files, branches, resources from all the projects?

The reason being is that we have a lot of updates, and I just want to have all the possible backups copies that we can. Is this possible? The Activity tab is also quite useful, but I want to have those copies locally.

Looking forward to your comments!


Hi Arthur,

Well, if the Activity tab is not enough, then I’d recommend using the Crowdin’s APIv2, our dev team is using it, and as far as I know it allows downloading all the Resources like TMs, Glossaries, Reports, and source files/translations from the needed projects (not from all at once though). Here’s the URl for the documentation our team uses: API Reference

Hope it will help for you since it will be a backup in some way and also stored locally. Best!