How to assign a task to different Vendor's translators

Hi, I’d like to split files in task to different translators from Crowdin LSP. Or, alternatively, to different vendors, not only Crowdin. Or, to my translator and Vendor. How can I do that?

I don’t think that this is possible. For now, you shouldn’t able to assign different files to the translators in Crowdin LSP , since the task is created for the Vendor and they assign translators on their side. Also you can’t 1 file to Vendor 1 and Vendor 2, only 1 task for 1 Vendor.

Also, you can assign tasks for your own translators via the Tasks tab of your project, as well as for the freelancers.

Splitting files or stings within 1 file are available only if you assign task for Project Members (like translators, proofreaders, other freelancers and so on). Vendor shall split tasks from their side.