How to add translator's notes?

It’s pretty common to be able to present, in your source, a note for the translator, to assist in providing details about where that string will be used, how it will be used, what the user is doing when they read it, etc.

I’ve tried a handful of things, but I haven’t been able to get Crowdin to accept any kind of notes in the source file. I’m using i18next formatted source files. Anything I try to pass as a note shows up in Crowdin simply as another string that needs to be translated.

How might I utilize this functionality?

Hi @gabekangas , you may add context or comments to the string directly in the Editor:

How would you know what the notes or comments are, when just looking at strings in the Crowdin interface? They’d need to be specified, and exported, as a part of the source strings.

Once it gets into Crowdin, all the context around the strings are lost.

@gabekangas, i18next doesn’t support context in the source file (as the property of JSON file is considered to be context).
So, unfortunately, contextual information added in Crowdin can’t be exported into translations or added with the source upload.

Bummer! I’ll have to find some kind of solution, maybe I can hack something together.

@gabekangas wish you good luck in your research :slight_smile: