How to add my my own language to Crowdin project if it is not officially supported?

Mornin’/Evenin’ everyone! I’ve decided to post my question here. In short - we have a project on Crowdin, where we’re translating our website into German, but from some parts of Germany some translations should be adjusted a bit (due to different dialects). So, I’d really like to have an option to add something like German-Berlin or German-Hamburg as an example to my list of languages. I mean something specific for the particular region of Germany, not just general German or dialects for other counries. Is that even possible?


Hi there! Well I’m not acknowledged with all the features Crowdin has, but I guess I know how to help you! I had a bit similar case from my previous project, we needed to translate some text into Dothraki language (don’t ask, we’re just a big GOT fans :D), and of course it’s not officially supported since it’s fictional language, but I’ve found a feature that allows you to create and add a custom language on Crowdin! Really amazing, and it basically allows you to add any language that you’d like even if it is not officially exist (like in my case) or supported :slight_smile: So, I guess you can also create custom German language and use it for your projects, here’s an article that I’ve found that day: Changing Target Languages | Crowdin Documentation

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