How to add comments to many strings at once on Crowdin?

Desperatly need an advise on this one! We have specific requirements for some strings (there’re quite many of those), basically translations for such strings should follow strict rules (some strings leave without changes, for others use citatation, etc), so what I need is an option to add comments to multiple strings at once. I’ve tried looking for such an option, but failed! Please don’t tell me It’s only possible to add it manually one by one x_x


Hey Ralf, we have an automated workflow and add comments via API: API Reference

Each string’s ID is required but still, it saves a lot of our time

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Not sure what comments you’re planning to add, but in our workflow, we use labels for grouping strings, but they are also displayed in the Editor for translators (it’s like a comment message in some way). You may create any label with any text, and it’s possible to add them to the strings in ONE TAP vis Strings tab (project settings). Hopefully, that comes in handy in your case as well!