How to add 2 different integrations for the same project?

I have a project that embed keys in a json format for the application and keys in .po files for the documentation. They both follow a different path and as they are not the same file type they cannot be added at once in the same integration.

Is it possible to create 2 github integration from the same repository using 2 different crowdin files ? (one pointing to the .json and the other to the .po)

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I suppose you’re on the Free plan. In this case - not. Free is very limited, only 1 integration and 1 branch (in Content - Files) can be used.

You can see it here, in the bottom of page would be comparability table .

I’m on the open-source plan, my understanding was that I could access most of the features. including multiple integrations

Hello @12rambau, you’re on the Free plan. You can see it here Crowdin

@TiroliTemar is right, only 1 integration and 1 branch can be used.

Here’s the Open source license request form, feel free to apply: Open Source License Request Form | Crowdin