How the proper way of fine-tuning should be

AI wants at least 10 columns of text to fine-tune it.

Is it ok if I send these texts as in the screenshot below?

For example, 1 column with all main text and 1 column with all target text.

Or do I need to set it in a way that each column has one sentence?

Hi, @egmnshnky!

To make sure that fine-tuning process will go smoothly, it’s better to stick with the recommended limits that were set by AI.

I was asking like, should we fine-tune the AI with 1 whole main text and 1 whole target text for 1 column or should we do 1 sentence from main text and 1 sentence from target text for 1 column?

In the screenshots below there are 2 options for fine-tuning, which is the correct one?

1 sentence in 1 column?
or 1 whole paragraph in 1 column to fine-tune correctly?


Had a chat with our developers, and they recommended you not fine-tune the AI outside of Crowdin. As the result might be not as useful as you expect it to be.

The best way to fine-tune is with the tools that Crowdin provides. Moreover, the fine-tuning method should match the prompt as much as possible.