How the key-naming works on Figma plugin for Crowdin?

Hello! I have a one question that I would love to clarify - How exactly the system creates the keys for the strings that I’ve sent to Crowdin project from my Figma? I’m quite new to this, so I just want to figure out whether it creates automatically or am I allowed to set up the needed keys? I do know that our devs would like to have a certain key names for the strings, but I don’t know how to achieve it. I’d really appreciate if you could point me into the right direction :slight_smile:


Hi! Well, it actually depends on what mode do you use, e.g. - our designers are using the Page Translation for localizing marketing assets, so the keys are generated automatically by the plugin based on the path to the frames (and the framenames itself). Our devs and myself are using the Strings mode, so the keys could be speicifed in any way you want. There is this “+” button to create a string in your Crowdin project or use the existed string to be added to your project, and while adding it, you may indicate the key. Of course, there is a “key-naming pattern” in the Plugin options, which helps to automate key naming even in the Strings mode as well. So, it’s up to you what mode to use, we use both and really enjoy the plugin so far :slight_smile: