How does Find and Replace translation work?

Hey, having an issue with Find and Replace

Sometimes it’s picking up the stings, sometimes doesn’t. Don’t know what exactly can cause the reason but I can replace anything I have in a project (I’m the owner). The interesting thing, I can do a replacement for anything, but my translators can’t. It’s weird, has anyone faced that?


Ahh, I guess I know the reason:)

How many hidden stings do you have? You might be working with some specific file format that requires using duplicates as hidden (for example titles from websites), or just keep some strings/files hidden for some reasons.

And by default only Owner and Manager can access them, and as a result do some actions like replacement. With some project settings change about proofreaders you can increase their rights and they would also be able to do so (don’t remember exactly how does it called, should be something about hidden stings and proofreaders, almost in the start of Project Settings list).

I guess you can give them a try.

@KyllianH1 yeah, you know, you were totally right, it was because almost 60% of our content is hidden. I see it’s for proofreaders only, guess I’ll play around with permissions a bit. We have a small 20 people team, I think I can even grant everyone proofreaders roles. Thansk!