How do I translate MJML files without first changing the extension?

My project uses MJML email templates. These files are similar to HTML but with custom tags. Apparently, “MJML is a natively supported file format”, but when I uploaded a .mjml file to my project, I was informed that it was being treated as a text file. It looks like I will need to rename all of my MJML files .html before uploading, and then reverse this on download. The reason I’m looking at Crowdin is to avoid this manual process; I don’t want to have to write scripts to do the renaming and upload via the CLI, I just want it to work easily :confused:

CLI or API API v2 Reference aren’t so bad, you’ll need one time configuration and just use the command each time to upload the files. If system says so, than it’s needed. I also had same problems with another file format that is supported only if I specify the another type when uploading via CLI, I found it hard at the start, but in a week I get used to it so much that right now I wouldn’t change CLI to any UI action Crowdin can offer. Extremally useful.

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Thanks, but I don’t have the capacity to manage another integration at the moment, I need something that my users can self-serve.

Only API\CLI would work for this, no UI ways. Would be fine if you made a .yaml file with all needed data so they can only insert their access tokens.

Thanks, @Marcos_Yeah - in that case I don’t think CrowdIn will work my team :disappointed:

Had the same task in past, get used to CLI, now all my translators also work with it. This entry-level technical tools like CLI and API are designed to have more capabilities that UI which is fine for casual users but lacks some advanced features - which is reasonable because 99% of users don’t need them at all. Still, getting CLI to work fine for me wasn’t the hardest task, I’m sure you’ll also succeed :sunglasses: