How can I solve?

Link: Crowdin

User fofwisdom wrote “(he/she) is harassed by Garam (me)”. I am stressed after seeing his/her comment and even at this moment, because it is not true.

So, now I tried to my opinion there, but I could not accese there anymore.

I think that I blocked from the project.

I swear that I didn’t harassed him/her.

What can I solve it?

This is a text that I wanted to write.:
@fofwisdom I am stressed after seeing your comment and even at this moment.

First, you wrote:
"저도 한국어에 한글 사용하는 것을 좋아하는데 멘션은 답장(reply)와 차별화되어 고유하게 쓰이는 외래어로 이해하고 있습니다. 굳이 mention과 reply를 대중이 멘션과 답장으로 나눠 쓰는데 하나로 간소화할 이유가 있을까요?

그보다 저는 마스토돈 서비스 전체가 “멘션"을 쓰는데 여기만 다른 단어를 쓰고 있어 통일하고자 새 제안 드린 것으로, 저에게 주신 말씀은 다른 화제에 속합니다.”
(I also like to use Hangeul (*native words), but I understand that “mention” is a uniquely used loanword, dislike “reply”. Is there any reason to simplify “mention” and “reply” into one word, when the public divides them into “멘션” (mensyeon) and “답장” (dapjang)?

Most of all, I made a new proposal to unify because all of Mastodon service uses “멘션” (mention), only here uses a different word, and the comments you gave me are different topics.)

So, I answered:
"어떠한 주장을 할 때에는 그 근거를 제시함이 맞습니다. “mention과 reply를 멘션과 답장으로 나눠 쓰는데”라고 주장하셨지만 그 근거는 없네요. 또한 같은 맥락의 이야기이므로 주제 이탈로 몰아가시는 것이야 말로 맥락에서 벗어나는 것으로 생각됩니다.

덧붙여서 한글은 문자를 가리키는 용어이지 외래어로부터 순화된 한국어를 가리키는 명칭이 아닙니다."
(When you make a claim about something, you must provide enough evidence for it. You wrote “the public divides them into “멘션” (mensyeon) and “답장” (dapjang)”, but there is no rationale for your claim. Also, my comment is in the same context, but if you claim that it is off topic, I think that just it is out of context.

Addinationally, “Hangeul” is a word that refers to letters, not a name that refers to the Korean language changed from loanwords.)

What part of my comments do you think is harassing you? And when did you give clear public examples? Also, why are you lying here?

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Hello @Gim_Garam

Sorry to hear that. I can confirm that you are blocked in that project. Only managers and project owners can block users, and only they can remove that block. The only possible solution here is to write to managers and explain the situation, ask them to unblock you.

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Thank you for your answer!

If I already blocked, how can I check who are the managers?

Thank you again.

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Try searching for those users in web, maybe that project website. Or just create another account, join the project once more, and see who are the managers.

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