How can I delete all the translations made by spammer?

Hi everyone! I’ve faced a quite unpleasant issue in my open source project, the translator that I’ve added turned out to be a spammer that added a ton of garbage translations (the man obviously has a lot of free time :D) I know that I can remove some of his “translations” via Activities tab, but that is really the additional and manual work I’d rather not do. is there a chance it can be done automatically? Like remove all his “work” from the project and block him once and for all? I’d appreciate the help!

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Hi Ted! Yes, there is such an option!

Simply find that user in the Members tab, then double-clink on his username, and there’ll be a “Remove contribution” option. Additionally, it is best to block him.

It will delete all the translations and suggestions he’s done in the project, really hope it helps!

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