Google Play Integration doesn't work/sync

Hi Crowdin Community,

I’m currently trying out Crowdin for my employer. So I’m in demo/free mode. It seems like a great tool overall, thanks for allowing me to explore the features so freely!

As part of trying things out, I want to set up the integration for Google Play.

But it doesn’t work for me. It doesn’t sync. I can’t find a way to sync manually.

When I click on “Preview and Publish”, it (correctly) states that there is no source file to publish from.

How to get the integration to sync?

So you’re in a Free plan, or Free trial? Those 2 are different, Free Trial is limitless, but only for 2 weeks, Free is Free but very limited in terms of integration.

Have you followed the guides?

Also, probably it requires a CDN to be used to work well. Can you create a test account with another email (so 2 weeks unlimited trial will be granted) and try it as well?

@TiroliTemar thanks for your answer! Plans, Pricing, and Free Trial | Crowdin shows I’m on “Free” plan.

So if I get you right, Google Play integration isn’t working or isn’t available on Free? The integration still merely displays “Last sync: never”, but no other feedback message or error message.

Also, I would have expected to be on “Free Trial”, as I have created my account only on Feb, 24th. Not sure whether I was dropped out of trial, or never was on trial, in the first place.

Anyway. Next step: Let’s check how the competition performs :wink:

Hello, @jan-hendrik.spieth I can confirm you were on the Free plan. Probably you’ve subscribed by misclick or something like that.

I’ve activated the Freemium (Free Trial) for your account from my side. It will end in a week, February 13. Please feel free to take your time and test all you need :wink:

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@Dima Thanks! Confirmed - I’m on trial now (a header display that info).

@TiroliTemar You were right - Google Play integration works now and synced the strings immediately

Thank you both!

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