Google Drive integration - how to sync the shared files?

Hey folks! I’ve been curious about one question (nothing urgent or critical) - Is there some limit to which files Crowdin can sync with my Google Drive? I mean I’ve noticed that not all the files are listed when I do syncing between my drive and Crowdin. What is interesting is that all the missed files are the ones that are shared with my google account. Is it a coincidence or is it related somehow? I’d appreciate if you could help me to understand how it works. Thanks!


Hi @Kenny !

I can confirm your assumptions :slight_smile: Noticed the same behavior with the shared files on my Crowdin project as well, then asked my collegaue whether it is the same for her, and yeah - Google Drive app can sync only the files that are actually on your drive, and not the ones that are shared with your drive. So, it’s not the coincedence (if it was, it’d be weird to happen to all of us :D), it’s just how the app works. Hope my comment helps!