Glossary terms management

Hey, never tried Crowdin’s Glossary feature, have some questions before I start this process.

Does the Glossary case sensitive? Like, if I have in my source files “Hello” and “hello”, should I store 2 different terms?

Also, I’m assuming it should be very annoying to do all minor changes from my side, with the new Glossary file being uploaded into Crowdin. Maybe terms can be managed more simply? I’d like to have some easy-to-hande solution for minor changes.


My colleague works a lot with our glossary, I just had a small talk today with her on the matter, so no you can call me glossary Jedi :slightly_smiling_face:

It’s now case sensitive, upper/lover case would work. Hello in glossary will match heLLO, HELLo in stings and so.

Yeah, is also possible. Depends, what exactly you mean under “minor changes”? The solution may vary. From what I see in native Crowdin, you can work with Allow project members to manage glossary terms (can be turned on in Project Settings).

But our team prefer this application (free of change and very useful). You can give it a try:

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Thanks for the tips, will definitely try both!