Gitlab Unable to Add Integration

It says it’s unable to create the service branch, while successfully creating it.

I’ve attached a video showing what I’m trying to do.

I’m on the free plan.

Hi @backflip !

Crowdin Free plan allows to have only one branch. It is stated on our Pricing page

We have made some changes from our side. Please try to connect the integration again and let us know about the result.

Looking forward to your kind reply,

Same result as before. When you say “only one branch”, that doesn’t include the service branch it tries to create, right? I have main, and the service branch it automatically creates. There’s no way to not automatically create this other branch.

Dear @backflip !

Only the branch that you want to connect is taken into account. Let us please investigate this unexpected behavior with our tech team.

Once we have any news we will let you know!

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Dear @backflip !

We noticed that there is already created a branch under the Sources tab. Would you be able to remove it and then try to connect GitLab integration again?

If the issue persists, please be sure that you aren’t exceeding the limits of the Crowdin Free plan: 60,000 hosted words (source words multiplied on target languages) and 3 file formats.

Please let us know how everything is going!

Yeah that made it work. Thank you!

Perhaps having sources removed when integrations are deleted would make this a bit easier to self diagnose.

Dear @backflip !

Glad to hear that everything is good from your side now!

Just wanted to let you know that once the integration is deleted the source files that were synchronized before will not be automatically removed. You should remove them manually directly via the Sources tab.

Hope this information will be useful for you!

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