Gitlab integration + bundles with different format than source

Hello there,
I’m using the Gitlab integration to monitor a json file which is a list of keys which need translation and I need the Gitlab integration to commit the files in GNU GetText format (which I already configured the bundle).
Now it write the output file in the same format of source file json.

Thank you for the support

Hi @lomiz
Could you please try setting up the integration this way:

Hello Ira, I’ve already configured the Gitlab integration using the “Source and Translation Files mode”.
Before starting to reconfigure the Gitlab integration in “Target File Mode”, can you confirm me that I will not lose all my translation? I’ve hundreds of them and I’m worried that deleting the current Gitlab Integration configuration, I will lose them.

Translations are always store in the Translation Memory, so anytime you can run Pre-translate via TM to restore your translations if anything:

Hello Tetiana,
my translation memory right know seems empty of english translations maybe because of this:

Note: Translations made between identical languages won’t be added to TM (e.g., from the English source language to the English target language).

Instead of having a main language as basic string (example: “A good cookie”, I’m using a english generic key like “a_good_cookie”, which is translated in English “A good cookie” or for example Italian “Un buon biscotto”.

What is the preferred method to obtain that and still having the translation in the TM?

This is my current Languages configuration for the project:


What is the reason for you to have English as a source and target language?
BTW, if you still would need to have English as a target you’ll always be able to upload your file as translations by clicking on the Advanced import settings > Allow target translation to match source:

Hello Tetiana,
probably the main reason is that my translatable “keys” are not a real language and I’m a newbie on i10n, so I wrongly choose english.
My aim was to have a generic unlocalized “string key” for every string to translate (eg. “this_is_a_key” as key and “This is a Key” for english translation), and translate that key to every language.
Also I tried to create a custom language and use it as Source Language but it didn’t appeared in the source language dropdown menu.

What would you suggest to populate the Translation Memory with my “fake-english → english” translations before configure the “Bundles in VCS Integrations” so I can be sure to not lose any translation?

Thank you so much!


In order to localize your content you need to create project with the correct source language and target languages to which you want translate your source file. You don’t need to create a custom target languages unless they are in the list available.
Now translations will be automatically saved to Translation Memory every time you click on the Save translations button. So even if you lose translations at some point you’ll always be able to restore it
As for the English source language and English target language - you’ll be able to upload the same file as your translations to the project, that is what I suggested in the previous message