GitHub & Unable to find who changed (deleted) translations or why it happened

In the translation project SQLiteStudio I’ve received a Pull Request to GitHub 3 days ago, which contains updates to the Chinese Traditional translation. Mostly there are deletions (return to “untranslated”), for example: New Crowdin updates by pawelsalawa · Pull Request #4479 · pawelsalawa/sqlitestudio · GitHub

The problem is I don’t see any activity on CrowdIn that would identify these changes. This file was not changed from GitHub side since 9 months and now unexpectedly there are these changes coming from CrowdIn.

What is even more weird is that in the very same Pull Request I see another changes (to the same language) which partially delete translations, but some of them modify/update existing translations, like here: New Crowdin updates by pawelsalawa · Pull Request #4479 · pawelsalawa/sqlitestudio · GitHub - so it does not look like an accident or technical issue.

Why I don’t see any of these changes on the Activity tab? This is what activities I see for Chinese Traditional (old, completely irrelevant):

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Hi there, in the links you’ve shared I see interesting thing:

      <location filename="../main.cpp" line="51"/>
      <source>GUI interface to SQLiteStudio, a SQLite manager.</source>
      <translation>SQLiteStudio 圖形介面,一款 SQLite 管理軟體。</translation>
      <translation type="unfinished">GUI interface to SQLiteStudio, a SQLite manager.</translation>

So new suggestion arise with type unfinished, that’s why it doubles the source itself because by default if source is not translated, Crowdin returns you the source content.

Have a few assumptions, probably you’ve changed integration settings to skip untranslated files so it made a revert in case file is not 100%. Or, most likely, there was a change from Git side with id of string replaced - now it’s a different string and that’s why translations is lost.

Can you investigate a little, please open Editor, select the string that was translated and now are not, go to 3 dots button - string history - see the history what was done. Should shad some light there.

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Thank you for a prompt response.

At sqlitestudio/SQLiteStudio3/sqlitestudio/translations at master · pawelsalawa/sqlitestudio · GitHub you can see that both sqlitestudio.ts and sqlitestudio_zh_TW.ts have not changed for several months, whereas at sqlitestudio/SQLiteStudio3/sqlitestudio/translations at l10n_master · pawelsalawa/sqlitestudio · GitHub (which is the integration branch created by CrowdIn) you can see that zh_TW and zh_CN are the only two changed by CrowdIn 3 days ago.

Also it does not explain why some of the translations are not deleted (set to unfinished), but instead translated to a different value.