GitHub Sync to Repo Creating lots of Folders

When I synced my translations, instead of all going into one specific folder like intended, a bunch of new base folders are created with the same file path as the intended folder.


The intended folder is “src/main/resources/assets/deeperdarker/lang/”

This happens on both branches, the Forge and Fabric branches.

Forge “crowdin.yml” file contents:

- source: src/generated/resources/assets/deeperdarker/lang/en_us.json
translation: src/main/resources/assets/deeperdarker/lang/%locale_with_underscore%.json

Fabric “crowdin.yml” contents:

- source: src/main/generated/assets/deeperdarker/lang/en_us.json
translation: src/main/resources/assets/deeperdarker/lang/%locale_with_underscore%.json

The original translation file is accessed just fine, it’s just pushing the translations that’s the problem.

Hi @nitro_dynamite18 ,

Everything is very simple, you missed the slash at the beginning of the translation path. So just put a slash at the beginning of the path

translation: /src/main/resources/assets/deeperdarker/lang/%locale_with_underscore%.json

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That worked perfectly, thank you so much.

@nitro_dynamite18 ,

My pleasure to assists!

Wish you only positive moments with Crowdin!